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Blogging gives you the freedom to choose your own hours and where you choose to work them. You no longer have to unnecessarily add hours to your day and take years off your life.

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Get 24/7 excellent dedicated email and comment support from a team of very knowledgeable and very accommodating technical professionals.

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Get real time excellent dedicated support via live chat with a very knowledgeable and very accommodating technical professional from the LHTB support team.

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The comprehensive video tutorials show easy to follow, step by step process in building and managing your website ensuring effective, fun-filled learning.

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Features of the LHTB Package

The LHTB program is a 12 month step by step course designed for you to effectively learn our best kept professional blogging secrets, knowledge and skills enabling you to easily build and manage your own website while having fun all throughout.

Opportunities such as blogging have arisen from the phenomenal growth of the Internet which now allows working from home or anywhere else possible as long as there's Internet coverage, choosing your own hours and engaging in what you are passionate about. Realize your own ambitions in your own particular way.

Break free from the 9-5 chains you are tied to. Work your own hours doing what you love. Isn't that the reason why you got a job in the first place? To have the means to do the things you love, visit places you want to visit and be with people you want to be with. How is that working out when your job is taking too much of your time sucking the life out of you? Live the life you love, love the life you live.

A blog provides a platform through which you can establish your brand and credibility. It is also an effective tool for positioning yourself to be found when people start searching. Blogging creates an atmosphere for a two-way conversation, Imagine the insight that can be gained and the new ideas that can be sparked through this. Simultaneously generate leads and build your mailing list, as well as social media page/s to engage with your target market.