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Our mission is to help people to earn and to learn, online. We share our passion through blogging and have hundreds of clients with blogs where millions of people across the world can learn and grow through them.

Hi. My name is Sean Rasmussen, I’m an Aussie, and I have been making a full time living online since 2005, using blogs. Back in 2005 I discovered a fantastic tool called a BLOG. I’m sure you have already heard about blogs, but do you realise how powerful blogs are for normal people like you and me? A blog is simply a normal person’s version of a website; but one that is SIMPLE and EASY to use. Blogs enabled me to build a full time online business on a shoestring budget.

Who We Are

The partnership of Sean Rasmussen, a very successful, seasoned Internet Marketer and Professional Blogger since 2005 and Arren Vidal, a well established Web Developer, CEO and Co-Founder of GoMedia made the Learn How To Blog program possible. LHTB's very knowledgeable and very accomodating dedicated Support Team is second to none.

Our Focus

Equipping you with our best kept professional blogging secrets, knowledge and skills we have acquired through years and years of hard work and experience while providing you with only the best tools and resources required to ensure that you not only effectively and easily build and manage your own professional website, but also have lots of fun in the process is LHTB's focus.

Our Services

Comprehensive video tutorials that show easy to follow, step by step process in building and managing your own professional website, from picking and registering the right domain name to giving you in depth knowledge and understanding on monetisation strategies and search engine optimisation are only some of the many exclusive features of LHTB.

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