Be a More Authoritative Blogger

Authoritative Blogger

There’s no getting around it. If you can exert authority, it improves the chances people will listen to your opinions. That’s true when you’re interacting with people face-to-face, but also online. When you blog, that gives you an opportunity to build authority with every post you publish.

Keep reading to discover how to be a more authoritative blogger and maximise your impact and get results that can turn your blog into a destination others in your industry deem trustworthy.

Don’t Throw Around Your Influence

Content is usually best received when it’s delivered in a way others can identify with. That said, if your goal is to be seen as an authoritative figure, you probably won’t get very far by constantly reminding readers of how much experience you have in a certain sector, or how you were presented with an award of achievement last year. Those kinds of accolades might be best described within an “About Me” page on your blog, but not within posts themselves.

If you take time to research your topics carefully, cite sources as necessary, and link back to similar posts you’ve written on a subject, those are just three of many things that can demonstrate you’re a person of influence, but not make readers feel taken aback.

Write With Confidence

What you have to say may not always align with popular opinion, but one of the most important things to do is deliver your viewpoint with a self-assuredness others can’t ignore. Display your backbone and unwillingness to move away from topics that resonate with you and you’ll likely gain respect and loyalty from readers.

Also, by showing you’re able to pick topics and discuss them in a thorough manner, this could open up opportunities for you to be a guest blogger on a website within your niche, or even give you the chance to be interviewed. Both of those things could quickly help you establish more authority.

Know What Defines You

Think hard enough and long enough and you’ll discover there are certain characteristics that give you an edge within your niche. Perhaps it’s your first-hand experience with a widespread health issue, or the fact that you’ve discovered how to turn your fly fishing lure making or jewellery making pastime into a moneymaking venture and want to share insight with others.

Whatever you can bring to the table that sets you apart from other bloggers, harness it and let it act as a springboard for increasing your visibility immediately, and on a long-term basis.

It takes time to build authority, but once you’ve gotten started, it’s easy to keep things moving in a positive direction. Rely on the suggestions you’ve just read to show others your blog is worth reading. A growing level of authority should follow soon.

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