Let Your Social Media Followers Help You Create Blog Content

Social Media Followers

It’s a great feeling to be able to create a blog post that’s personally meaningful and also resonates with readers. Finding that sweet spot can seem extremely difficult especially since you’re not feasibly able to have conversations with each of your readers to find out what topics they’d like you to cover. Your social media feed can be an extremely valuable tool for figuring out topics that’ll have a lasting impact.

Find Out More About Your Followers

Discover as much as you can about your social media devotees, particularly in terms of how they spend their time on social media if they’re not hanging out on your page. Aim to spot trends, such as if a particularly high number of your social media followers “like” a specific company or industry leader on Facebook. Perhaps you could then explore deeper to find out the common values of that entity, and then write blog posts that align with those ideals.

Ask the Masses

Social media is all about eliminating boundaries that previously existed in communication. It’s now possible to get insight from someone who lives on another continent almost instantly. Take advantage of that reality and boldly ask social media users what they’d like to see covered in future blog posts. You could take the easier route and create a poll that requires participants to pick from a few options, but will likely find that an open-ended query is much more valuable.

Asking questions is important if you’ve recently tried a new post format on your blog and are curious about how it was received, too. Rather than anxiously monitoring traffic levels directly on your blog, link to the post on social media and then humbly ask your readers for thoughts on the new direction. The insight you gain could be far more valuable than simply watching blog traffic statistics and anxiously waiting for a sharp spike or dramatic fall.

Gauge Your Impact

There are specialised programs that determine which of your tweets and Facebook posts have attracted the most attention from viewers. If you have spare time though, find the information yourself by scrolling through everything you’ve put on social media within the span of a week. If certain things have inspired a larger response than usual take the next step and see how you could turn a social media post into an entire blog entry.

Your social media followers can offer the keys to creating content that gets noticed now and stays on people’s radars well into the future. Don’t overlook this valuable resource that’s in your reach.

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