Link Building and Social Media: Two Keys to SEO Success for Bloggers

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People in all areas of the online world keep a close eye on Google SEO for several reasons. One constant factor of interest is that the search engine changes algorithms several times per year. What you may have been doing six months ago to get ideal rankings for your blog could actually be detrimental now. Luckily, in spite of those alterations, there are still a few things that remain relatively constant, including the worthiness of link building and social media activity to bolster your search engine optimisation strategies.

Some Important Factors of Link Building

Google now rewards pages that are clearly able to offer useful content. It makes sense then, if you create content that’s interesting, people will want to read it, and other bloggers will link to it. Although that’s the basic principle, reality is not quite that simple.

The most innovative and engaging content you’ve ever created will be largely useless if others don’t know about it. That’s where marketing comes into the picture. As you’ll soon discover, spreading the word about your blog is often as easy as sharing blog posts across social media feeds, and using social media to connect with others in your niche.

Google+ is a Good Start

Link building and social media efforts can start when you create a presence on Google+. Some people believe Google places more search engine optimisation emphasis on Google+ activity in comparison to other social media hubs like Twitter and Facebook. If you publish an article on Google+, make sure to link your blog to it, as well. That can help you begin building a name for yourself and your blog.

There are a variety of other sites, too, that can help you. Experiment with different social media networks and see which ones bring about great results for you with customer engagement as well as lead generation.

Network with Thought Leaders

When you’re able to get established people in your niche to link back to your content, that’ll speak volumes. It gives the positive impression that a notable person thinks highly enough of what you’ve written to use as a supplement to other material. However, don’t simply set out trying to find the gurus of your industry and make them see how great you are, you’ll have to work at building your reputation and your connections over time.

Spend time using social media to learn more about what they do and connecting those motivations with your own goals. When you care enough to establish strong relationships, your value will become obvious to others. If you can find someone with influence to help by linking to your content, return the favour by being of assistance when possible.

Now you should be able to see how both link building and social media interactions can be methods of promoting your blog, and how they can be used simultaneously for maximum impact. Neither practices will give results overnight, but they can bring powerful long-term gains.

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