Techniques that Boost Your Confidence As a Blogger

Boost Confidence

When you first begin blogging lack of self-confidence can stifle your creativity and makes you question if you’re cut out to be spending your time expressing opinions and ideas in the online realm. Fortunately, you can improve your confidence as a blogger with some easy, worthwhile methods.

Don’t Get Caught Up

Making the transition from thinking about doing something to actually taking action can be extremely daunting. That reality is particularly true when you start blogging. Your sphere of influence could widen dramatically on the Internet. You might live in a small town where you have almost no impact on the community, yet maintain a blog hundreds of thousands of people read and depend on for inspiration.

Don’t think about the potential number of people who may be waiting for a new post. Instead, just think of each entry you write as a chance to discuss something that’s helpful or important to you and /or your readers. By keeping things in perspective, it should be easier to stay focused.

Write to Satisfy Yourself

There are many books written and websites devoted to the various strategies that could attract readers to your blog. Many of them urge adopting an online persona of sorts, and targeting posts so they readily reflect what readers are interested in. Doing that is usually effective, but it could make you lose sight of why you started blogging in the first place.

Write content that’s original, and don’t shy away from whatever it is you hope to achieve by blogging. People crave authenticity, especially on the Internet. When you can convey it, readers will appreciate that, and you’ll finish each post feeling like you were able to stay true to yourself.

Keep the “What If” Thoughts in Check

Bloggers who are bold enough to tackle topics that are controversial or perhaps being overlooked by other media outlets often receive big payoffs in the forms of increased traffic and respectability. However, writing posts that could alienate some readers takes courage. Naturally, before publishing a post like that, your mind will probably be filled with scenarios where you wonder what you’ll do if certain things happen. They can shatter your confidence and also make you have second thoughts about making a post publicly viewable.

Realise that for all the negative feedback you could receive, there should also be some positive reactions to make you glad you took a step of faith. Try your best not to get overwhelmed by the worst-case scenarios and remember taking a calculated risk is often necessary to create content people want to read. If you’ve befriended other bloggers it can help to run drafts by them for their take, too, particularly if you’re concerned about rubbing readers the wrong way.

Confidence levels may waver whether you’ve been blogging for a few days or several years. Use the ideas above to get back on track if your self-assurance has been shaken.

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